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Journey to the Caldera

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“A caldera is the term for what’s left after a volcano erupts,” explains Polyrhythmics guitarist Ben Bloom. “It felt like an apropos album title considering where we are as a band right now. The last album was this explosion onto the scene for us, a statement of who we are and what we’re here to do, and this one feels like the simmering crater that comes into focus once all that smoke clears.”

Written in rural Oregon in the shadow of Mt. Hood (itself an active volcano), Caldera is a blistering declaration from a band that’s progressed beyond the sum of its influences to come fully into its own. Rich with bold brass and hypnotic percussion, the album showcases the instrumental eight-piece’s impossibly tight grooves and virtuosic musicianship as they tear through a singular blend of funk, soul, psychedelic rock, R&B, progressive jazz, and Afrobeat.

Polyrhythmics began the Journey to Caldera during a snowstorm Stargazer Farm outside Portland, Oregon in December 2016, where they were sequestered for several days at a songwriting retreat. The tracks came together organically with each member of the band contributing ideas and concepts that ultimately became the songs on this forthcoming double LP which were recorded at Jason Gray’s Blue Mallard Recording studio in Seattle in early 2017.

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